New $100 Bill Mailer / Handout

$100 Bill Mailer Folded version

We have created a $100 Bill Mailer for all of our seminars.

For those that have actually seen the $100 Bill, you can’t ignore it and you can’t throw it out.  It’s one of the coolest marketing pieces I’ve ever come across.  It’s substantial in size.  It’s 15 inches long and 6 1/4 inches tall.  When you open it up it becomes 12 1/2 x 15 inches.

The $100 Bill is printed on 14 pt. card stock, which is the thickest you can get.  It’s full color inside and out.  It’s glossy and UV coated.  It makes a statement and it would be a great piece to hand to any prospect or client you have.

How Do I Use The $100 Bill Mailer?

There are two ways to use the $100 Bill Mailer/ Handout.

1) Handouts

Personally, I think the $100 Bill is so cool that I would order 1,000 of them just to have as handouts to pass out to clients and prospects.

It would also be a great piece to provide to CPA’s to let them pass out to their clients or have them available in their office as well.

2) Direct Mail Piece

The second way to use the $100 Bill Mailer is as a direct mail piece.

The $100 Bill Mailer qualifies for the Every Door Direct Mail program through the US Post Office.  This allows you to target various carrier routes in zip codes of your choosing and have a $100 Bill delivered in every mailbox in that carrier route.

To learn more about the Every Door Direct Mail Program, CLICK HERE

Personally, I think the $100 Bill Mailer is too expensive to send First Class as the cost is $1.12 each.  If you’re going to do Direct Mail using the $100 Bill Mailer, the only avenue to me that makes sense is through the EDDM Program through the US. Post Office or Precision Targeter in Canada.

What Drives Response Rate?

What drives response rate is perceived value.  The higher the perceived value of your offering, the greater the response rate will be.  I think one of the reasons we’re seeing more success stories with the $100 Bill Mailer is because of the perceived value of the FREE Kit offered inside.

There is no comparison when it comes to perceived value.

The Inside and Outside of $100 Bill Mailer

$100 Bill Mailers for your OnDemand Seminars

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Available in both a US and Canadian Version.