Social Security And A Retirement Income Analysis

Here is a great way to convince someone you’re speaking with why they would want to take the next step and have you create a Retirement Income Analysis just for them.

Remember, your prospect is only tuned to one radio station and one only… WIIFM…What’s In It For Me.

Your job is to take the many benefits of a Retirement Income Analysis and use those to convince the prospect how they will benefit as a result. In other words, what’s in it for them?

If I was explaining some of the benefits of a Retirement Income Analysis to a prospect, here are some of the points I would make sure to bring up:

At no cost or obligation, a Retirement Income Analysis would:

• Give you confidence about your retirement you’ve never had.
• Give you a handle on your retirement readiness like never before.

Social Security and a retirement income analySiS | 2

• Provide answers to the 10 biggest issues keeping retirees up at night. • Give you peace of mind knowing you’re doing everything you can to

make sure your “golden years” are truly golden.
• And do all that at no cost and no obligation to you.

In addition, it would give you an opportunity to experience what working with me and my company is like without actually having to make a commit- ment today.

It’s like test driving a new car. You test-drive a new car to experience it, and get comfortable with it before you write the check and commit to buying it. A Retirement Income Analysis allows them to “test drive” what working with you would be like before they commit and write the check.

I would make it very clear to your prospect that they have nothing to lose, but quite possibly much to gain.

Then I would take this next step. This is the straw that will break the camel’s back and this will get the prospect off the fence and agreeing to a Retire- ment Income Analysis. Here is what I would say.

“Let me give you an example of just 1 of the many issues we address in a Retirement Income Analysis….Social Security.

Just like death and taxes, anyone approaching retirement will be faced with important decisions regarding their Social Security benefits.

Choosing the right benefits at the right time is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make.

Getting it right could mean tens of thousands of additional dollars in retire- ment for you and your spouse.

Making a mistake could cost you up to 72% of your benefits.
Social Security is enormously complex and this is just one of the many is-

sues we provide answers to in our Retirement Income Analysis.

The Social Security Administration provides you with 567 ways to claim your benefits…


Social Security and a retirement income analySiS | 3

Do you know which one of the 567 ways will maximize the lifetime benefits for you and your spouse?

The Social Security Handbook has 2,728 separate rules governing its benefits.

Yet they provide you with ZERO employees to advise you on the best strategy.

In fact, Social Security Administration workers are forbidden by law to give you any advice for filing your claim, and it’s been proven that much of the information they do pass along is wrong anyway.

Consider this… For a couple, age 62, there are over 100 million combina- tions of months for each of the two spouses to take benefits.

And it’s absolutely critical that you get it right because soon after you claim, your benefits become permanent. There are No Do Overs.

Making the right decision about when and how to collect your Social Secu- rity benefits can make a huge difference to your retirement…

It’s your Social Security…but as I’ve just illustrated, what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

Mr. / Mrs. Prospect…see if you agree with this…

If you’re going to be retired and receive Social Security benefits for 20, 30, possibly 40 years, wouldn’t you agree it’s probably worth 15 minutes of your time now to make sure you get it right?

And this is just ONE of the many issues we address in our no cost, no obliga- tion, Retirement Income Analysis.”


NOTE: If you will get this script down, you’ll experience many more prospects falling off the fence your way, asking for a Retirement Income Analysis. What I just laid out for you is such a compelling story, if presented properly. Learn it the way and in the order I presented it, and then internalize it and share it with every prospect you come in contact with.