Getting Started With Existing Prospects

Existing Prospect Gold

We’re going to talk about Getting Started With Your OnDemand Seminar With Existing Prospects.

We’re not talking about cold prospecting here. Nope…The Driving Traffic presentation on the website will give you plenty of ideas for cold prospecting. (Go to to view the Driving Traffic presentation)

In this session we’re talking about existing prospects. Prospects that you’ve been dripping on…a month, six months, a year or even longer. Prospects that are in your database right now.

Out of all the ways to drive traffic to your OnDemand Seminar, if it was me, this is one of the first ideas I would exhaust before I ever thought about cold prospecting. I would incorporate this idea with every single prospect in your database that meets these three criteria.

Prospects that Number 1…

You’ve spoken to…You’ve had dialogue with in the past.

Number 2. You’ve qualified them. You’ve learned enough about them in your conversations over time to know they fit the bill as far as your ideal client.

And Number 3. You’ve made the decision that this is someone you would love to have as a client, but for whatever reason, they’re still a prospect. They’re still firmly stuck on the fence.

This idea is not going to get all of them off the fence, but you will get your fair share, but more importantly, you’ll come away knowing if in fact you’ve really got a legitimate prospect…or maybe you’ll find out that what you thought was a hot prospect…really isn’t.

This is the ultimate “fish or cut bait” phone call and it’s the perfect, Next Step to take with those prospects.

I’ve shared these ideas with OnDemand Seminar clients and the results have been impressive and now, that is why I wanted to share this with you.


I was speaking with a client last week that had just taken delivery of his OnDemand Seminar. His first two prospects generated over $40,000 in commission…Two prospects…$40,000 grand. Not bad.

What I’m about to share with you is what I feel, the absolute perfect “Next Step” to use with any prospect you’re having a hard time getting across the finish line and becoming a client.

In fact, for those prospects, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect Next Step. To me, it’s kind of a no brainer for the prospect.

When you hear this script, you’ll understand that if at the end of your call, if they’re not willing to view the seminar and receive a no cost, no obligation, Retirement Income Analysis created just for them…then you probably didn’t have much of a prospect in the first place.

So if you determine that’s the case, then you can cut bait and refocus your efforts on greener pastures with other prospects.

So here are the steps to take…

Step 1: Go through your entire prospect database, whether they have attended a seminar in the past, they were referred to you, a direct mail lead, cold call or maybe they’ve been receiving your newsletter. Bottom line…Go through your entire prospect database and make a list of everyone you’ve spoken to, qualified and said, “this is someone I would love to have as a client”.

Step 2: Call each and every one of these prospects and use the script I call,
The Perfect Next Step. Some you’ll find weren’t really prospects at all and had slipped through the cracks, while others…it’s the perfect vehicle to get them off the fence and in your office to receive a Retirement income Analysis.

Step 3: Be sure to ask for the order. You can’t push a rope, so get it front of them and lead. Be bold, and hold them by the hand and walk them right there on the phone right onto your OnDemand Seminar site. Trust me…

prospects look to a true professional to tell them what to do. Now’s your chance to shine. If you follow this to a T, I think you’ll be pleased with the results, plus you’ll be cleaning up and weeding out your prospect file and that’s probably a good thing since it’s probably not been done in quite some time.

Before we get into the actual phone call you’ll be making, let me say a word about scripts. The Perfect Next Step call is a script. We all use them. You do, I do. We all do. What you’re hearing right now is a script. You can follow along in the PDF file, but it doesn’t sound like a script, does it? The key…It’s the ability to take those words on paper, and bring them to life. Make those words jump off that page and sing and dance and come to life with energy, enthusiasm and excitement.

My advice….Learn this script, rehearse it, and internalize it. The success you experience using this idea with existing prospects is in direct correlation to your ability to get good delivering this script.

Hey, I didn’t know this script two weeks ago. Two weeks ago, I had to read it too, but not any more. I don’t even need to look at the script anymore, because I’ve internalized it. Take my words here…the script, and make them your words in a way that’s comfortable for you to say it.

But remember, the words…what you say, only accounts for 7% of your communication. The words are the smallest part.

What’s 5 times more important, 38% of your communication are not the words you say, but how you say them. It’s how you deliver those words. That’s 5 times more important than the actual words themselves.

It’s your volume, voice inflection, your speed, and your style.

The remaining 55% of your communication is non verbal…how you look and how you act. Well, since you’re on the telephone, that 55% of your communication doesn’t come into play, which is OK, but…

If I know going in that I’m operating at a 55% discount, the other 45% better be pretty darn good. You better know those words and better deliver them in a powerful way.

Trust me…The last thing in the world you want to do is get caught selling…to get caught sounding like you’re reading a script. There’s nothing worse, so spend some time with it, dial it in and get it right.

So let’s walk through the actual script you’ll use. It’s very powerful. Let’s say the prospect I’m calling…his name is Bob and I’ve been dripping on him for 14 months.


Hey Bob. This is YOUR NAME with YOUR COMPANY. How are you doing? Good…Do you realize we’ve been speaking now for almost 14 months, and as of yet, we haven’t done business, but I was thinking the other day about all the conversations we’ve had over the last 14 months and I wanted to share with you what I thought would be a really “GREAT NEXT STEP” for you to take.

There is no cost or obligation on your part, but you’ll come away with tremendous value. You’ll also get to experience firsthand what working with us is like… without actually having to make a commitment.

This is a premium service that I offer. I realize you’re not a client, but I’d like to extend this as a one-time invitation to you. I think you’ll really like this…

In fact, are you in front of a computer right now? Let me just take you to this site and I’ll show you exactly what I mean.

Go to . That’s www.your – domain – presents. com and tell me when that web page comes up.

This is a presentation I created called, How Big Is Your Retirement Shortfall? It’s just 14:46 seconds long, but it addresses head on…the 10 biggest issues keeping retirees up at night. These are issues that I would wager to say…you don’t have correct answers to…but you need to.

As you watch, pay especially close attention towards the end of the presentation as that will explain the premium service I’d like to extend to you.

Go ahead and click the View Now button and that will take us to the next page.

This next page explains your best viewing experience, Good, Better and Best. This can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet computer, but your best viewing experience will come from a PC or Mac. Go ahead and click Continue again.

This is a little about me and my background. You can read this later, so go ahead and click Continue.

There is a workbook that will be automatically emailed to you that will help reinforce what’s covered in this brief presentation. Just go ahead and fill in your first and last name, your email address and then verify it, and phone number. Tell me when you’re there. Now, click Download Workbook and the presentation will begin.

Why don’t you go ahead and watch this. It’s less than 15 minutes and I’ll call you back in 20 and see what you think.

I’ll talk to you in 20 minutes.

What If They Ask This Question…

You might have a prospect stop you and ask…”Well, what is this premium service?”

Here’s how I would handle that. Learn this part of the script inside and out, backwards and forwards.

Here’s exactly what I would say when they ask that question…

Well, remember I said the presentation addresses the 10 biggest issues keeping retirees up at night, and I also said that these were issues I promise you…you don’t have correct answers to…but you need to because the very quality of your retirement depends on it.

Well to provide correct answers to those issues, we offer you, a no cost, no obligation, Retirement Income Analysis, customized for you.

You’ll have confidence and a handle on your retirement readiness like never before.

Let me give you an example. And this is just one of the many things covered in your Retirement Income Analysis.

Let’s take Social Security.

This is one of the truly big decisions anyone has to address as they approach retirement.

The Social Security Administration provides you with 567 ways to claim your benefits. Do you know which one of the 567 maximizes the lifetime benefits for you and your spouse?

Getting it right could easily mean $100,000, $200,000 or more in lifetime benefits for you and your spouse.

But here’s the problem. The Social Security Handbook has 2,728 rules for claiming your Social Security benefits. Yet they have ZERO employees to advise you on the best strategy. In fact, the Social Security Administration workers are forbidden by law to give you any advice for filing your claim, but you better get it right because very soon after you claim, your benefits become permanent. There are no do overs.

On the other hand, getting it wrong and making a mistake, could cost you up to 72% of your benefits.

Think about that…That’s just one area that we cover in the Retirement Income Analysis we create for you.

Let me ask you this? Would you be thrilled with the return on your investment of 14:46 seconds of your time if, as a result, you were able to put an extra $100,000 to $200,000 or more in your pocket throughout your retirement?

That’s why I said it is such a huge value proposition for you, and with no cost or obligation.

Go ahead and watch the presentation and you’ll learn about all the other areas we address in your Retirement Income Analysis, and I’ll follow up in 20 minutes.

Talk to you in a bit.


That’s the script. Hopefully you have a much better appreciation for how powerful this script can be when used correctly.

After your explanation of Social Security, how could anyone say NO to receiving a no cost, no obligation, Retirement Income Analysis, when there’s so much value in it for them? If you deliver this script correctly, they can’t!

That’s why I said that if at that point, they’re not willing to view your 15 minute presentation and accept your generous offer of a Retirement Income Analysis, then I would say they’re probably not a great prospect in the first place, and you might want to refocus your efforts in other areas.

They ought to be thanking you profusely for the benefit you’re about to provide to them.

In closing…

Now that we’ve covered Getting Started With Existing Prospects, you’ll want to be sure to go through the Getting Started With Existing Clients presentation as well. It’s equally powerful and the results are equally impressive.

For the best results, use your OnDemand Seminar with existing prospects and clients in addition to using it for cold prospecting with some of the ideas you’ve learned in the Driving Traffic presentation.

Your efforts to drive traffic to your OnDemand Seminar should be a multi- pronged approach. The more ideas you incorporate to drive traffic to your OnDemand Seminar, the more success you’ll have.

A Couple Points To Remember

  • For Canadians, you’ll want to change your script to reflect the length of the seminar as the Canadian version is a touch longer than the US version.
  • In the script when you’re saying your domain name, do it twice and the second time, slow it down even more and mention one word at a time. For example, go to That’sAnthony …p … hart… presents.comHere’s to your success. I’d like to ask one favor in closing.One of the most rewarding aspects for me of creating this training is to hear your success stories as a result of it, so please share them with me as they occur.Thanks and have a great day.