Getting Started With Existing Clients

Getting Started With Existing Clients

In this OnDemand Seminar Quick Start Guide, we’ll focus on getting started with your existing clients.

To me, it makes more sense to exhaust every single possibility with your existing clients and existing prospects already in your database before you go out and spend a bunch of money on totally cold prospecting.

Cold prospecting definitely has its place, but not until you’ve exhausted every single opportunity that’s right under your nose.

A word of caution…When using your OnDemand Seminar with existing clients, don’t take the easy way out and just fire off an email to every client asking them to view your seminar and then hopefully forwarding it on to their friends.  No…That’s passive.  That’s leaving things up to chance.  I hope they watch.  I hope they like it.  I hope they share it with others…No.  No.  No.  No.  No.

For those that know me…I don’t leave things up to chance, especially when it comes to generating referrals from my clients.  What do they say…the best way to predict your future…create it.

Don’t be passive and leave things up to chance.  Be proactive and control the process so you can generate the desired results…lots of great referrals from your clients…people they know and care about that they feel could benefit from having a Retirement Income Analysis created for them.  That’s the outcome we’re after.

Notice I used the phrase…control the process.  I want you to think about this statement…

If you can control the process…to a large degree you can control the outcome.

It’s worth repeating…so one more time.  If you can control the process…to a large degree you can control the outcome.

Well, the outcome I want from this exercise using my OnDemand Seminar with existing clients is a minimum of 3 referrals from every client who goes through my OnDemand Seminar.

If I can control the process in getting there…to a large degree I can control the outcome once I am there.  That means the more closely you follow what I’m about to give you, the greater the odds are you’ll be generating great referrals.

That also means…The more you deviate from this process, the worse your results will be.

If you follow this, you can go to the bank knowing you’ll have plenty of referrals for a Retirement Income Analysis for some time to come.

Don’t deviate, don’t reinvent the wheel, just follow what I’ve given you here.

If you do…

1.    You’ll solidify relationships with your existing clients.
2.    You’ll be seen more as a caring and trusted advisor.
3.    You’ll be seen as adding tremendous value to your clients.
4.    You’ll generate a significant number of referrals.

So here are the steps to take…

Step 1:  Set up a designated space to view the seminar.
You might have a spare office that’s not being used or maybe a beautiful conference room, which would be perfect.   Many of you have big screen TV’s in your office or flat panel TV’s hanging on the wall…that’s even better.

On the flip side, some of you still have a 13-inch monochrome monitor tied to your IBM XT with a 10MB hard drive that you bought for $7,200 back in 1984.  If you do, break down, get a new monitor and join us in the 21st century.   My advice…If you need to, go buy a decent size monitor for your clients to view your seminar.  As of today on Amazon you can buy a 24-inch flat panel HD monitor for $149.
Just have something big enough so it’s easy for your clients to view the seminar.  Whatever space you designate should be quiet and away from distractions.

Provide them with coffee or water and a notepad and pen to take notes if they choose.

Step 2:  Call each client starting with your best client first.
Call each and every client and follow this short script.  Don’t deviate.  Just stick to the script and don’t say anything more.  I would bring in a maximum of 1 – 2 clients a day.   Any more than that and you won’t be able to keep up.

The first client I shared this with had 4 clients come in the first day and generated 11 referrals.  That would overwhelm you, so limit it to a maximum of 2 clients a day.

Call the client and say,

Hi (CLIENT NAME).  This is (YOUR NAME).  I’ve got a favor I’d like to ask.  It will take no more than 20 minutes of your time.  What would be a good time to have you come down to the office?

That’s the script.  How easy is that?  Do you notice how I assume a couple things in that script?  I control the process.  I get in front of them and I lead them.  I didn’t ask if you could do me a favor.   I assumed as one of my good clients, you’d want to.  I didn’t ask if you had 20 minutes.  I assumed you did.   And I didn’t ask if they would like to come down to the office.  I assume they would, and I just needed to know what time works best for them.  If there’s a problem, they’ll tell you.

Now if the client happens to ask you what the favor is, just tell them you’ll explain when they come in.  Don’t give them any more information on the phone.

Step 3:  Explain that you would like them to view this brief video.
When the client comes in, walk them to the office or conference room where they will be viewing the seminar.  Explain to the client that you would like them to view this 15-minute presentation on retirement readiness in America today, and then at the end of the presentation, I’ll explain the favor I’d like to ask.

Step 4:  Take them to your OnDemand Seminar website.
Type in your OnDemand Seminar domain name.  When you get to the home page, explain to them that the presentation you would like them to view is called, How Big Is Your Retirement Shortfall?  It’s a presentation I put together that discusses the state of retirement readiness in (America / Canada) today and focuses on the 10 biggest issues keeping retirees up at night.

Then click View Now and explain the viewing experience should they choose to view this again.  Let them know they can view this on a smartphone or tablet, but the best viewing experience will come from a desktop PC or Mac.

Then click Continue and your bio page comes up.  Tell them this is a little more about you and your background.  Click Continue and have them register for the seminar.  Let them know a seminar workbook will be emailed to them.

On the next page, explain to them how the workbook has already been emailed to the email address they just entered.

Right before you click Continue To Seminar, explain to them the seminar is 15 minutes long and that you’ll be back in right before the end of the presentation.   Provide them with a notepad and pen to take notes if they would like.

Then click Continue To Seminar and the seminar begins.

Step 5:  Walk back in right before the end of the seminar.
Don’t be late.  Arrive back about 30 seconds before the end of the seminar and hit pause at the very end before it goes in to the call to action where they rate the seminar on a scale of 1 to 10.

After I hit pause, I’ll have some small talk with the client.  I might make a comment like…Pretty alarming statistics, aren’t they?

Well, I wanted you to watch this presentation first so the favor I’d like to ask will make much more sense.

Remember the part in the seminar that said, “88% of Americans are worried about maintaining a comfortable standard of living in retirement”?  That’s a pretty big number, and what’s interesting is that I find that statistic so absolutely dead on in the work that I do helping people with their retirement income planning.

That means for every client that I have…

9 out of 10 of their friends are worried about outliving their money.  They’re worried about how rising health care costs could decimate their nest egg.  They don’t know which of the 567 ways to take social security will maximize the lifetime benefits they’ll receive.  They don’t know how much they can safely withdraw from their nest egg each year so they don’t run out of money, and they don’t fully understand the impact longevity has on their retirement income planning.  And these are just some of the issues keeping retirees up at night.

So, in order to help those that are retired or very close to it with answers to these issues, I’ve created a no cost, no obligation Retirement Income Analysis as you just heard about in the video you just viewed.

The benefits for those we create this for are substantial.  They’ll have confidence about their retirement and a handle on their retirement readiness they’ve never had before.

It’s a premium service I offer to my clients and I provide this at no cost and no obligation to a very select group of their friends.

And this gets us to the favor I’d like to ask.   I want you and I to put our heads together on this one.

See, if those statistics hold true, that means there are a tremendous number of those in your sphere of influence that would probably enjoy seeing this presentation on retirement readiness.

So, to make it easy, I’ve prepared this form.  It’s something I’ve used through the years that really helps clients who at first, maybe didn’t think they knew of anyone that might enjoy seeing this presentation, but after we’ve gone through all of these boxes, they actually knew quite a few people that might benefit from this.

And let me clarify…. There’s obviously no way you would know whether or not someone is worried about maintaining a comfortable standard of living in retirement.  No, that’s not what I’m looking for…I’m simply looking for those you think might enjoy being exposed to this presentation and then after viewing, they can determine if a Retirement Income Analysis is something they would benefit from.

As you can see, I’ve put your name right here in the middle.

So, let’s start with friends up here in the left hand corner.

Here is the PDF file included with this training.  Simply open up the PDF file, enter the clients name in the box in the middle, and print it out.  If you have a color printer, even better.

Referral FormCLICK HERE to download this PDF file

So now, let’s cover each of the boxes found on the PDF file and I’ll share with you the verbiage I would say to the client for each of the boxes.


Who are some of the friends you know and care about, retired or very close to it that might enjoy seeing this presentation?

Then I’ll pause for a few seconds while the gears are turning.  If they give you the first name, don’t just move to the next box over, Family Members.  Just stay there…Don’t speak, just keep your pen on the paper but move it down to the second line.  That sends a very loud and clear message that you’re ready for the name of the second friend.  It might seem like eternity, but don’t look up, don’t say a word, just move your pen down to line 2 as if you’re ready to write the second name down.  Trust me.  This works so well.

Now, some of you might say, that’s a little aggressive.  No, not at all. If you believe in what you do and you believe you really do add significant value by offering a Retirement Income Analysis, then if you feel that way, then you want to be bold in asking because every single person they provide will benefit in a huge way and many of them will come back and thank you and thank their friend for thinking of them.

Once I’ve exhausted the names of their friends, then and only then will I move to the next box, Family Members.

Family Members

OK, how about family members?  Who are the family members or relatives we should share this presentation with?

Business Associates

And how about business associates…Which business associates, past or present stand out as someone we should include as well?


OK, let’s keep moving around the top…how about neighbors?  Again, we’re merely looking for those like you that might enjoy viewing this 15 minute Masters Class on retirement readiness.


OK, how about your CPA…Who do you use by the way?  See, this presentation would probably be of interest to them personally, but more importantly, they might want to share this with a number of their clients.  I think it would be beneficial to at least let them know this is a resource they might want to take advantage of…


How about any doctors that you know or see on a regular basis?  Which doctors stand out there?


And how about your attorney?  Again, not just for your attorney, but they also might have a number of clients they would like to share this presentation with.

Now, assuming you’ve been successful in obtaining some names, I might say something like this…

This is good.  See the people we’re coming up with as we move from box to box… Not only will they benefit in a tremendous way, but speaking from experience, many of them will come back and thank you for thinking of them.


How about references?   If you had to list 3 character references, who would the 3 people be that end up on your list?  Which ones might enjoy this presentation?

Hobbies / Sports

Let’s move on to Hobbies / Sports.

Let’s say I know this client plays golf and belongs to a nice country club and plays every Saturday morning…

Bob, you tee it up every Saturday morning and have for years.  Who are the other 3 in your regular foursome each week?  Which ones should we include?

Greeting Cards

Let’s move on to Greeting Cards.  During the holidays, if you’re like most of my clients, you’ll be sending a lot of holiday greeting cards to people that are special to you.  I want you to mentally run down that list…Who are the people on that list that are retired or close to it that we should include?

Socially / Charitably / Politically

Socially, Charitably, and Politically.  It’s interesting.  People tend to organize and associate based on what they do socially, charitably, and politically.  So think about those 3 areas…. Socially, Charitably, and Politically.  Who are the people that stand out that you associate with in those 3 areas that we should extend an invitation to?

Social Media

And last but not least, social media.  This might be something you’re involved with and maybe not.

NOTE: Let’s assume you’re meeting with a client in their late 50’s or early 60’s and they’re still working.  They probably have a profile on LinkedIn.  If they do, here’s what I would say…

Think about your LinkedIn profile and mentally run down the list of all the people your profile is linked to…Which of those people you’re linked to should definitely be included on this list?

Additional PDF File
I’ve included one additional PDF file.  This can be filled out over the phone or you can email it to the client and ask them to fill in the missing information so you can invite the people they have referred to you.

As you can there is a box for each area and within each box is the number 1 through 3.  You simply enter each name they have given you and there is room for their phone number and email address.

This can be done over the phone, in person or you can email this to the client and have them fill in the missing information and fax it back to you.

I prefer to go over it on the phone.  You could do it in person, but more than likely, they won’t know email addresses and phone numbers of the people they gave you.

Referral ListsCLICK HERE to download the PDF file.

Tell A FriendI’ve Been Referred, Now What!
Once you’ve been referred and have one or more names on the PDF file, here’s what you should do.  Log into your OnDemand Seminar and register as if you were the client.  Enter their name, address, phone and email address, and then when you get to the section at the very end of the seminar, enter all of their referrals with the referrals name and their email address and then click, YES, INVITE THEM.

If you have several referrals, you might have to click the link on the following page to enter additional referrals.  Now, each person they have referred has been sent an email inviting them to view the presentation.  I would also be making a phone call to each of those referrals to let them know your client thought they would enjoy seeing the presentation they just viewed.

If you play your cards right here, you can stay busy with referrals from existing clients for a long, long time.

Just remember that every person you’ve been referred to will benefit in a big way should they choose to take the next step, view your OnDemand Seminar and request a Retirement Income Analysis.