Retirement Communities For 55 And Up

Retirement Communities

I wanted to share a website with you that will allow you to search in your area to find any 55 years of age and up retirement communities.


The site is actually designed to help those 55 and older in their search to find the right retirement community to live in, but it can be equally as beneficial for you to learn all about a potential area you might want to include in a direct mail campaign for your OnDemand Seminar.

The website is

The site is designed to help retirees learn about a particular retirement community.  Here is a site description from their website’s home page:

Active Adult LivingBelow is an image of the home page…You simply type in your city, zip code, or the name of a retirement community and it will bring up a list of all 55 and up retirement communities in their database that meet your search parameters.

Active Adult Living Website

The site give you a tremendous amount of information.  For example, I live in Rancho Mirage, CA.  Three miles down the road in Palm Desert, CA is a Del Webb Sun City retirement community.

Since I already knew the name of the retirement community, I entered in the search box:  Del Webb Sun City.  The image below is what appeared.

Del Webb Sun City

When I clicked on that link, here is the type of information that you can learn about any particular retirement community.

Sun City HomesHere is why this is particularly attractive for your OnDemand Seminar.

Unlike a typical Every Door Direct Mail carrier route that might have 25% to 35% of homes belonging to those in the 55 to 74 age range, this would allow you to know that 100% of the homeowners are 55 and up.

Just look at the information you know about this retirement community.

  • You know everyone who lives there has to be 55 years of age and older.
  • You know the price range of the homes in that community:  $175,000 to over $1 million.
  • You know the size of the homes.
  • You know the number of homes.
  • And you know the type of homes.

This should help immensely to identify and zero in on your direct mail campaigns knowing much more about a given carrier route.

For example, I could mail to all 5,000 homes in the Del Webb Sun City retirement community for just $800 (.16 cents each) in postage through the EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) program and know that 100% of the mail pieces being sent are mailed to those who are 55 and up, which would be my ideal candidate.