A $9 Million Dollar Success Story

Edward Sep

$9,000,000 Account & Over $300,000 In Commissions

Client, Ed Sep, just landed a $9,000,000 account from his OnDemand Seminar. He’s already generated over $300,000 in commissions to date from that one client alone, but more importantly, he shared a valuable lesson that I want to share with all OnDemand Seminar clients.  

(Read below and you’ll learn the 1 question that started it all…)

A Little Background

When Ed started using his OnDemand Seminar a few months ago, he rolled it out with a small direct mail campaign through the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program through the U.S. Post Office. He spent roughly $700 in postage and landed 8 new clients that generated approximately $30,000 in commissions.

Fast forward to today…

Branded Seminar

This morning Ed called me to ask questions about the possibility of branding a special version of his OnDemand Seminar for a particular company. In Ed’s case, he has a Union that loves his OnDemand Seminar and keeps asking Ed to come back to share it with members of the Union. This union has 4,000 members and if Ed plays his cards right, a special branded version of the seminar with the Unions logo throughout Ed’s OnDemand Seminar will position Ed as the “Go To” person when it comes to Retirement Planning for 4,000 Union members. Ed said the majority of these members have between $500,000 and $750,000 in their accounts.

Can you imagine the success stories from 4,000 Union members?

No wonder Ed is so excited!

Oh, You’ll Enjoy This!

As we finished our conversation, Ed said, oh, you’ll enjoy this. He proceeded to tell me about a Doctor he was working on but just couldn’t seem to make any headway. He just couldn’t make any progress at all with this Doctor.

The Power of 1 Question

Out of frustration he finally asked the Dr. this one question…

would you tke 15 minutes

$7,000,000 Million Dollars Later

The Dr. said YES, viewed Ed’s OnDemand Seminar, and said YES to scheduling an appointment to have the Retirement Income Analysis prepared. Much to Ed’s surprise, the Dr. comes in for his appointment with a $7 million dollar account.

Evidently the Dr. had sold his practice and the payments he had been receiving were about to stop, and the Retirement Income Analysis was exactly what he needed.”

Over $300,000 In Commissions So Far

They did over $3 million in annuities, and this one account has generated over $300,000 in commissions to date.

$2,000,000 More

Since the original $7 million, the good Dr. has brought in another $2 million more…for a total of $9 million.

All because of taking 15 seconds to ask 1 simple question…

My Advice To You

Every prospect you’re in front of…take 15 seconds and ask them this one simple question…

would you tke 15 minutes

Nothing To Lose

What do you have to lose? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Congratulations to Ed for being willing to risk rejection knowing the benefits to that client far outweigh any temporary feeling of rejection should the prospect say NO…

Rejection Business

As a financial advisor myself, I always understood I was in the the rejection business. I knew, “the more NO’s I got, the closer I was to a YES. Remember, NO is never final and never fatal.  NO is part of the process you go through to get to YES.  Rejection can’t do bodily harm.

Knowing you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking, and the worst thing that can happen is they say NO, then let’s take a risk and ask every prospect you encounter if they’re willing to invest 15 minutes of their time to learn how you’re able to serve Pre & Post Retirees.

Your Mantra From Now On

Here is your mantra…

invest 15 minutes quote

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