An Email Signature For Your OnDemand Seminar

Email signatures

How To Craft An Effective Email Signature

I’m a big believer that marketing your OnDemand Seminar should be a multi-pronged approach. I would rather have many irons in the fire than put all my eggs in one basket and watch the basket.

Create Your Email Signature

Upon taking delivery of your OnDemand Seminar, one of the first things you should do is create or modify your email signature.

I’ve provided a few tips below on how to create an effective email signature in addition to many examples of email signatures for your OnDemand Seminar.

There are several examples regardless of whether you want to promote your OnDemand Seminar, The 12 Key Questions eBook or the upcoming FREE Retirement Readiness Kit coming in Version 2.0

I’m all about simplicity and that applies to email signatures as well.

Winston Churchill

When Winston Churchill was asked about the length of a good speech, here’s what he said…

winston churchill speech quote

I think that applies to email signatures as well. Above all, you want an email signature that is short but interesting, easy to understand, has a strong call to action, and a significant benefit to the reader.

Email signatures should be as short as possible, while still providing critical information.  Your email signature should be compelling, informative and easy for someone to take action.

Email Signature Tips

1) KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – but make sure you’ve provided the most important information.

2) Plain text is best. Don’t get too fancy.

3) Condense information into fewer lines by using pipes ( | ) or colons (::) to separate the text.

4) Don’t get carried away with colors, highlighted text or special fonts.  You want it clean and not cluttered.

5) Don’t get carried away with graphics either.  They might not load right on someone else’s computer.

My Email Signature

Here is an example of one of the email signatures that I use today…Obviously the call to action for me is to promote my new blog, The Top Five Percent.

Stephen W. Anderson email sig

Client Fred Bowie’s Email Signature

Here’s an example of client Fred Bowie’s email signature, and his call to action to view the How Big Is Your Retirement Shortfall? seminar presentation.  This has been one of many things Fred’s done to create his spectacular success.  

Fred Bowie email signature

(CLICK HERE to read about Fred’s First 60 Days Using His OnDemand Seminar)


Email Signature Examples

Below are a number of possible email signatures created for the various components of your OnDemand Seminar.   Use any of these or create your own. These examples cover the OnDemand Seminar, the 12 Key Questions eBook, and the FREE Retirement Readiness Kit coming in Version 2.0.

click here for ebook email sig
worried about retirement email sig
invest 15 minutes email sig
no cost analysis email sig
want answers email sig
12 key questions email sig
behind the 8 ball email sig
retirement readiness email sig
wells fargo stat email sig
80 is the new 60 email sig
over age 50 worried email sig
front row seat email sig
my best advice email sig


Action Steps To Take

1)  Create or Modify Your Email Signature
Create or modify your email signature for your OnDemand Seminar.  Please select one of the examples above or create your own so every email that you send out from this day forward is a commercial for your OnDemand Seminar. 

2)  Create Email Signatures for Staff
Repeat the same process and create an email signature for each and everyone on your staff.

I hope this has been beneficial in giving you another way to promote your OnDemand Seminar.