My First 60 Days With My OnDemand Seminar

Fred Bowie


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Below is an email I just received from client, Fred Bowie.

Fred’s a 33 year veteran, and one of Canada’s Top Retirement Income Specialists. His company, Canada Retirement Information Centre, Inc is located in Ottawa, ON.

Here is Fred’s email…


I wanted to share this information with you.

Here are the numbers at the end of 60 days of marketing our OnDemand Seminar.

Our results have come from 4 things.

1) Running (2) Newspaper Display Ads on Wednesday and Saturday. (See below to see the actual newspaper ads as they appeared in our local paper, the Ottawa Citizen)

2) Putting the JPEG of our OnDemand Seminar on the home page of our website. (See below to see our home page at

3)  Running a Banner Type Newspaper Ad in the Ottawa Citizen.  (See below to see the actual banner ad on the bottom of the front page of the paper)  

4)  Adding our OnDemand Seminar to our email signature.   (See below to see our email signature)

Fred Bowie 60 day results

Not a bad first month and we’re continuing to receive additional prospects daily.

NOTE: I’m just calculating the commissions that have been generated so far and will forward those to you when done, but obviously business has been very, very good thanks to your OnDemand Seminar.

One last thing…I just took a look at the New OnDemand Seminar Version 2.0 and I can’t wait to incorporate all the new improvements. (CLICK HERE to see Version 2.0)

Take care and keep the great marketing ideas coming.


Fred Bowie, CEO
Canada Retirement Information Centre, Inc.

P.S. – I have another 4,500 opt in email addresses of prospects ready to send an email to, but I’m holding off as we have more leads than we can follow up with right now. I know…I know…Nice problem to have.

P.P.S. – I thought you would enjoy seeing the two newspaper ads as they appeared in the Ottawa Citizen, plus I’ve provided a screen shot of our website so you can see how the JPEG is prominently placed.

Newspaper Ads

Here are the two newspaper ads Fred ran in the Ottawa Citizen as they appeared in the actual newspaper. He ran one ad on a Wednesday and the other on a Saturday. Each ad cost roughly $900 for a total of $1,800.00 to launch his OnDemand Seminar.

Fred Bowie newspaper ads
Fred’s Website

Here is the screen shot of the home page of Fred’s Canada Retirement Information Centre website. (

You can see how he’s prominently displayed on his home page the JPEG we provided for his OnDemand Seminar.   Fred said that with the JPEG’s for the FREE Retirement Readiness Kit in Version 2.0, he feels it will generate even more response. (To see Version 2.0, CLICK HERE) home page

Newspaper Banner Type Ad

Fred followed up the (2) Display Ads with a Banner Type ad that ran across the bottom of the front page of the Ottawa Citizen. 

Fred Bowie newspaper ad

Fred’s Email Signature

Upon receiving his OnDemand Seminar, one of the first things Fred did was to modify his email signature to mention his OnDemand Seminar.  This way every email he sends out is also a commercial for his OnDemand Seminar.  Below is the actual verbiage he used in his email signature.

Fred Bowie email signature

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