How To Create A QR Code

Since many of you are reaching out to us to create QR Codes for your OnDemand Seminar, I thought it would be best to just teach you how to build them yourself.  It’s quite easy if you follow these simple instructions.

This funky looking square bar code that you’re seeing more and more each day is a QR Code.  It stands for Quick Response Code.  You see more and more of them in newspaper advertisements, direct mail pieces, and brochures.

Anyone with a QR reader app on their smartphone or tablet can scan over the QR Code as if they were taking a picture and be automatically directed to your website without having the type in the web address.

How To Create A QR Code

1)  Go to  (See below)

2)  Select the first Icon in the upper left that looks like a globe.  (See below)

3)  Type in the URL address of the web site you want to build the QR Code for.  

For this example, I entered the domain name of  (See below)

4)  Select DOWNLOAD to download the QR Code to your desktop of download folder.

5)  Select the proper size.  We use 450.  Simply grab with your mouse and slide left or right and select the image size that you require.  (See below)

6)  Save the file as a .PNG file.  (See below)


 Here is what the QR Code looked like for the website.


7)  Test the QR Code with your smartphone to make sure it’s taking people to the correct web site. 

Locate the QR Code wherever you have files downloaded.  Simply take out your smartphone, open your QR Reader App, and scan in the QR Code as if you’re taking a picture of it, and make sure it directs you to the correct web site.


Now that you know how to create a QR Code, you can create QR Codes and have them placed on your newspaper ads, brochures, business cards and any other printed material you want.

Where Can I Download A QR Reader App?

If you have a smartphone or tablet and you do not have a QR Reader App, simply go to your respective app store for your phone and search for QR Reader App.  Most of them are FREE and if you want to get rid of advertising that shows up on your QR Reader App you might have to pay a couple of dollars.