Newspaper Ads / Inserts Version 2.0

Newspaper Ads / Inserts

We have created all new Newspaper Ads / Inserts that feature the centerpiece of The OnDemand Seminar Version 2.0…The Retirement Readiness Kit.

We have created versions of the ads for the US, Canada and a Compliance version for those with compliance departments that won’t allow the use of the $100 Bill Gas Pump.

We have also created a (2) sided, 8 1/2 x 11 inch Newspaper Insert.

Sample Newspaper Ad


The Benefits of Newspaper Advertising

At a time when TV and radio audiences are fragmented and direct mail costs continue rising, nothing beats a daily newspaper for reach, affordability, flexibility and impact.

Let’s look briefly at all four…

1)  Reach
Newspapers typically offer the broadest reach of any mass medium.

2)  Affordability
Newspaper advertising typically costs less per thousand readers than TV, direct mail and radio advertising.

3)  Flexibility & Timeliness
Newspaper offers enormous flexibility in content, design, placement and frequency.  Plus, newspapers are a “rapid response” medium.

4)  Impact & Effectiveness
Combining text and visuals, well-designed newspaper ads engage your customers on many levels – emotional and intellectual.

Newspaper advertising has proven its effectiveness over time and is more trusted than many other forms of advertising.

Visual Imagery
Because the Retirement Readiness Kit incorporates such a powerful visual image with all of the components in the Retirement Readiness Kit seen at the top of the ad, I think it lends itself very well to something visual like Newspaper Ads / Inserts.

High Perceived Value
Again, it gets back to “perceived value”.  The higher the perceived value of your offering, the greater your response rate will be.

The FREE Retirement Readiness Kit is a huge value proposition including (2) videos, an 18 page eBook, The 12 Key Questions Every Retiree Must Answer, a 15 page Retirement Readiness Checklist, (3) PDF files and a gift certificate to receive a complimentary Retirement Income Analysis.

Newspaper Advertising Placement Tips

Target Market Matches
You’ll want to request section placements of your newspaper ad consistent with your target market.  (In other words, you probably don’t want your ad running in the food section of your newspaper)

Although Advertising managers and page designers make final placement decisions, you can specify the sections you’ll want to avoid.

Placement Recommendations
The Newspaper Association of America emphasizes that readers of your newspaper ads regularly scan each sections first ad page.  They also notice the section’s back page, especially if the paper is folded so back page ads appear prominently.


A reader receives a last impression of right-facing page ads just before he / she flips to the next page.

Premium Placements
Premium advertising positions provide you with additional visibility.  Premium position ads generally contain colorful graphics and a simple, hard-hitting message designed to grab a readers attention.  For example, a front-page, bottom-strip ad for client, Fred Bowie, ran horizontally across the bottom of the Ottawa Citizen’s front page.  (See below)

These ads are typically sold first come, first served, and you will usually pay a higher advertising insertion rate for these coveted placements.  Advertisers generally must commit to a premium-position ad for a pre-determines period of time.

An Example
Below is an example of such ad placed by client, Fred Bowie, in an add on the bottom of the front page of the Ottawa Citizen.  (This was for Version 1.0)  Fred has generated over 340 downloads of the 12 Key Questions eBook, 220 plus views of the OnDemand Seminar with over 100 plus appointments requests for a Retirement Income Analysis.


Food for Thought:
If Fred can generate that type of response with the above ad for Version 1.0, just imagine what can happen to his response rate with an Ad for Version 2.0, when the perceived value of the Retirement Readiness Kit is 10x the perceived value of the Version 1.0…How Big Is Your Retirement Shortfall.  See below for an example of this same type of horizontal banner ad that would run across the entire width of the paper.


Consistent Placement Strategies
Newspaper advertising effectiveness depends on an individual ad’s appearance, as well as how often the readers view that ad.  You will increase your visibility by running ads at least once per week in the same section for at least two months. This keeps you in front of your target market while building credibility with the reading public.  The ad should ideally run in the same position, although newspapers do not typically guarantee individual ad placements.


Newspaper Ads
We have created several different size Newspaper Ads in both a vertical and horizontal orientation.   You can download these Newspaper Ads below.

Newspaper Insert
We have also created an 8 1/2 x 11 inch Newspaper Insert as well.  This is different from the Newspaper Ad because this is loose within the paper and falls out when the paper is opened up.  This is a double sided Newspaper Insert.  You could get by with printing just one side, but together I think they are much more compelling.


Download Newspaper Ads / Inserts

Simply click on the links below to download the Newspaper Ads Inserts for Version 2.0.

US Version

CLICK HERE to download Vertical Orientation Newspaper Ads.

CLICK HERE to download Horizontal Orientation Newspaper Ads.

CLICK HERE to download Newspaper Insert.


Canadian Version

CLICK HERE to download Vertical Orientation Newspaper Ads.

CLICK HERE to download Horizontal Orientation Newspaper Ads.

CLICK HERE to download Newspaper insert.


Compliance Version

(For those with compliance department that won’t allow the use of the $100 Bill Gas Pump)

CLICK HERE to download Vertical Orientation Newspaper Ads

CLICK HERE to download Horizontal Orientation Newspaper Ads

CLICK HERE to download Newspaper Insert


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