:30 Radio Spot – Version 2.0

Here is a :30 second radio spot for Version 2.0 that is very compelling.  It’s short, sweet and plays very well.

It’s based on the blog post An Easy Script for Version 2.0 that I shared a couple of weeks ago.

I said in the blot post that you will want to use this with any prospect in person or on the phone, and it also lends itself to a compelling radio spot as well.

Client Fred Bowie has taken that script and turned it into a :30 second radio spot, which you can listen to below.

The first day Fred ran the spot he received 6 leads, and has been consistent with 3 to 4 leads a day since.

I like how he’s included a female voice over to play off of back and forth.  I think it sounds good.

Click below and you can listen to the actual :30 second spot as it plays on the radio.


CLICK HERE and you can download the written script for the spot.


NOTE:  For those that want to incorporate radio advertising into your marketing of your OnDemand Seminar, the radio station you’re going to be advertising on will generally provide the male or female voice over and create the spot for you.  Just negotiate that into your deal with them.