Bill Rowe – Another OnDemand Seminar Success Story

William Rowe

My Filing Cabinet’s Worth $44,000 In 1 Week

Bill Rowe is just getting rolling with his OnDemand Seminar and in no time at all, he’s already landed a fair amount of new business, generating over $44,000 in commissions. As Bill says, he’s got many more still in the pipeline he’s working.  Bill does annuity business.

Here is the email I received from Bill the other day…

Bill Rowe emailMy File Cabinet
I spoke to Bill yesterday and he simply started by going through his file cabinet, selecting prospects that he thought would have an interest in his OnDemand Seminar.  He came across a woman that he had actually forgotten about, and as a result of his OnDemand Seminar, she generated a nice annuity ticket, that according to Bill, he wouldn’t have had if he hadn’t shared his OnDemand Seminar with this woman.

$44,000 In Commissions And Counting
In short order, Bill has written annuity tickets of $152,000, $207,000, $55,000, and has another $400,000 pending.  Over $44,000 in commissions and counting…all from going through his file cabinet of prospects and making them aware of his OnDemand Seminar.  At 7% commissions, that’s not a bad way to start with your OnDemand Seminar.

Next up for Bill is the use of email campaigns, direct mail, and newspaper ads.

Question:  How much business is sitting in your file cabinet if you would simply go through it, and make each and every one of them aware of your OnDemand Seminar?


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