$100,000 In Commissions In First 30 Days From Social Security OnDemand Seminar

Charles Bartman

The Hottest Topic In The Industry Today
Client Chuck Bartman is finding out Social Security Planning is the hottest topic in the industry today, and his OnDemand Seminar has been an amazing way to capture them.

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NOTE:  If you haven’t already purchased our Social Security OnDemand Seminar, you might want to do so as it is producing one amazing success story after another.  Call 888-741-7055 for more information.

Chuck’s Monster Success
241 leads in 5 weeks
And 81% of them go on to schedule an appointment.
All from running just 4 radio spots a week.

Chuck has earned over $100,000 in 30 days.
No, that was not a typo…$100,000 in commissions in his first 30 days.

$1.5 Million In Annuities In 30 Days
Chuck does a fair amount of annuity business, which is by far the top product being sold out of our Social Security OnDemand Seminar.  Chuck did over $1.5 million in annuities his first month and is just getting ready to write his first $1 million dollar annuity ticket.

The Breakdown
Chuck’s stats are as follows from 241 leads generated…

81% – Scheduled Appointments  (That’s Off The Charts)
18% – Downloaded the 44 Social Security Secrets PDF File
  1% – Fill out bogus names or don’t bother to register.

Radio Spots
With client after client, radio seems to be the most effective way to drive traffic to the Social Security OnDemand Seminar.  Chuck Price in Portland…Chuck Oliver in Orlando…Joe Lucey In Minnesota.  I could go on and on and on, but radio seems to be incredibly effective at driving traffic and getting prospects to request appointments for the Social Security Maximization Analysis.  As you’ll hear in Chuck’s :60 second spot below, he used a celebrity host to deliver his spot.

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social security ondemand seminar

CLICK HERE to view the latest Social Security OnDemand Seminar that is producing one monster success story after another.  NOTE:  Be sure to check out the opt in window at the start of the seminar.  It’s a new feature that has been effective in capturing the prospects information right up front.

Chuck Bartman:  The Facts:
Chuck called me yesterday and ordered The New Women & Wealth OnDemand Seminar and shared the success he’s having using his Social Security OnDemand Seminar.

His first 30 days…

  • Chuck purchased the Social Security OnDemand Seminar.
  • In 30 days he’s generated over $100,000 in commissions.
  • He’s about to write his first $1 million annuity ticket.
  • He does 4 radio spots a week to drive traffic to his OnDemand Seminar
  • He runs a :60 second spot on an All News Radio Station during drive time.
  • In 5 weeks, he’s generated 241 leads
  • 81% scheduled appointments for a FREE Social Security Maximization Analysis
  • He’s averaging 12 leads a day, which turn into 9 to 10 appointments per day.
  • And he’s written over $1.5 million in annuities in 30 days.

Listen below to Chuck’s :60 second radio spot

For More Information On Our Social Security OnDemand Seminar

Call 888-741-7055

P.S. – Next success story with client, Chuck Oliver…
I can’t wait for you to hear the 24 minute interview I did with Chuck.  Chuck owns all 3 of our OnDemand Seminars, and like Chuck Bartman, called in to order Women & Wealth last week.  I asked him to share with me what is going on with his OnDemand Seminars.  He shared some great valuable advice in addition to his amazing success.   Chuck has generated 139 appointments in 10 days using his Social Security OnDemand Seminar.


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