Chuck Oliver – 139 Appointments – 10 Days

Another MONSTER Social Security Success Story

Another MONSTER Social Security Success Story

A Word From Stephen W. Anderson
If you are not using our Social Security OnDemand Seminar, you are leaving a fortune on the table…It’s the hottest topic in the industry today, it’s resonating with prospects in a big way, there is a time clock ticking regarding Social Security that compels them to make a decision and it’s producing one success story after another.

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Client Chuck Oliver Is Having Fun
Chuck has purchased all 3 of our OnDemand Seminars.
He just rolled out his Social Security OnDemand Seminar.

His first 10 days139 appointment requests for a Social Security Maximization Analysis.

Listen To Chuck Oliver’s Interview
Chuck shares some amazing insight about using his OnDemand Seminar.

Chuck’s Story
Chuck called me 10 days ago to order our New Women & Wealth OnDemand Seminar and get in on the Special Introductory Offer saving 50% off the regular price.  (To view Women & Wealth, CLICK HERE)

I said…”Chuck, you’ve just ordered your 3rd OnDemand Seminar.  People don’t reorder 3 times if it wasn’t working, so talk to me.  What’s going on?

That’s when he shared the amazing success with his Social Security OnDemand Seminar.

Radio Spots
Chuck used radio spots to generate these numbers.  I’m seeing one success story after another with Social Security that have used radio spots to generate all of the traffic to their OnDemand Seminar.  The best stations are conservative talk radio and all news radio stations.

Another Success Story Using Radio
If you didn’t read Chuck Bartman’s success story using radio, CLICK HERE.  He generated 241 leads in his first 30 days and 81% of them went on to schedule appointments for the Social Security Maximization Analysis.  He ran just 4 spots per week in afternoon drive time and earned over $100,000 in commissions his first 30 days, doing over $1.5 million in annuity business.  It’s a pretty awesome success story.

The First 10 Days
At the end of his first week, Chuck Oliver already had 74 appointment requests to receive a Social Security Maximization Analysis.  I did the interview with Chuck on that Friday.

I spoke to Chuck the following Tuesday morning and I said…Let’s hear the latest update.

He said he ran a few radio spots over the weekend and generated 45 more appointment requests on Saturday and Sunday.

Monday he had 15 more appointment requests.  When I spoke with him early on Tuesday morning, he already had another 8 more appointment requests and it was still early in the day.

That brought his total up to 139 appointment requests in the first 10 days of launching his Social Security OnDemand Seminar…

One Week Later
It’s been a week since I spoke to Chuck and I called him this morning to get an update before posting this blog post.

I said, Chuck, talk to me.  He basically threw his hands up in the air, started laughing and said he couldn’t even begin to tell me how many more appointment requests they had received, but he said the number is dramatically higher.

With Social Security:  The Clock Is Ticking
Chuck brought up a great point in the interview why he thinks the Social Security OnDemand Seminar is on fire and generating one success story after another…  With Social Security, the clock is ticking with respect to people that have to make a decision about their Social Security benefits.  I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about that comment and I agree.  You have to decide, and I think that plays into the massive success stories we’re seeing.  It’s getting people off the fence.

A Very Compelling Call To Action
I’ve always said that as a prospect in that space of making decisions around Social Security that you can’t view that 6 minute video without saying, “I’ve got to be nuts to think I can do this on my own…Of course I want an appointment for a Social Security Maximization Analysis.”.  There is so much to lose by screwing it up and making mistakes, and so much to gain by getting it right.  We’re talking about tens of thousands of dollars in additional income in retirement.  That’s what is at stake.

Your Social Security Elevator Speech
Let me set the stage.  The vast majority of prospects that you are speaking to that are close to approaching retirement pretty much suffer from the same fear…

  • Have I socked enough away?
  • Will I come up short in retirement?
  • Am I going to run out of money?

If you know that going in, that sets the stage for your elevator speech for your Social Security OnDemand Seminar.

Use This With Every Prospect You Speak With

ElevatorSpeech exampleThink about how compelling that is…Tens of thousands of additional dollars in retirement income…all for an investment of 6 minutes of your time without even leaving the comfort of your home or office, and if you like what you see during those 6 minutes, there is no cost to have that same report prepared just for you.

Who says NO to that?
You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose, and all at no cost.

Learn that elevator speech inside and out and share it with any prospect you come across that is even close to making decisions about their Social Security.

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