New Look For Sales Training Portal

Sales Training Portal – New Look & Feel
With more and more clients ordering multiple OnDemand Seminars, we have decided to simplify things on the Sales Training Portal.   Instead of having a different Sales Training Portal for each OnDemand Seminar, we think it makes much more sense to modify the existing site so everything for ALL OnDemand Seminars can be found in one easy place.

This will make it much easier to locate things and much easier to navigate around as well.

New Masthead
The first change you’ll see when you come to the Sales Training Portal is the new blog masthead to reflect the OnDemand Seminar System instead of just an individual OnDemand Seminar such as Retirement Income Planning.


Now Showing Movie Posters
With each new blog post, you’ll see on the left hand side of the main image the movie posters for the OnDemand Seminars this post is applicable for..

Seminar Specific
For example, if the blog post pertains just to the Social Security OnDemand Seminar, you’ll see on the left hand side of the main image the Now Showing Movie Poster for the Social Security OnDemand Seminar.  See example below:


Women & Wealth
If the blog post pertained to just the Women & Wealth OnDemand Seminar, it would have the Women & Wealth Now Showing movie poster.  Pretty simple so you know right away if this blog post pertains to you or not.


Multiple Seminars
On the other hand…if the blog post applies to ALL OnDemand Seminars, you’ll see an image with all of the applicable Now Showing movie posters on the left hand side of the image:

4Seminars_747Weekly Email
We will be posting several blog posts each week starting next week and then send you a weekly email summarizing all of the various things that went up on the Sales Training Portal during the week with a link on each of those items so you can go straight to the information you need to find.

I’m excited to roll out the various marketing collateral we’ve been creating for the various OnDemand Seminars.  We’re definitely seeing some amazing success stories, and I’m hopeful the new look and feel of the Sales Training Portal will help generate even more success stories.

Suggestions, Comments or Feedback?
We’re always committed to getting better so if you have any suggestions, comments or feedback that would help make the Sales Training Portal even better, please feel free to email me at