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Facebook ads for OnDemand Seminars

Success With Facebook Ads
I think we’ve cracked the code in using Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your OnDemand Seminars.  The latest statistic shows that 56% of affluent households are spending more and more time online gathering information about their finances.  If they’re spending more and more time online that sheds light on some of the best ways to drive traffic to your OnDemand Seminar.  I think over time, Facebook Ads will be more and more successful as a viable way to drive traffic to your OnDemand Seminar.

We’re rolling out Facebook Ad Landing Pages for:

  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Social Security
  • Women & Wealth
  • Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts
  • Tax Free Retirement

My Advice
I’m often asked if I could only do one thing to promote my OnDemand Seminar…what would it be?  My answer…I would be using Facebook Ads, especially after the testing we have done, and the unique 2 step approach we have taken in creating this Facebook Ad, Video and Landing Pages.  That would be my Number 1 choice to drive traffic.


Now Available For Order

Cost:  $1,000 (One time fee)

Facebook Ad Package Includes:
1)  Facebook Ads
2)  Facebook Ad Video (56 sec)
3)  Facebook Ad Landing Pages
4)  Facebook Ad Opt In window
5)  44 Social Security Secrets Download Page
6)  Software engineering to tie into your existing Social Security OnDemand Seminar.

Why Facebook Ads?
1)  We’re seeing some awesome success stories using Facebook Ads.
2)  Facebook Ads are very inexpensive.  (Suggested budget:  $10 to $25/day)
3)  You can dial in numerous parameters to zero in on your ideal prospect.
4)  You can now incorporate video into your Facebook Ad
5)  We’ve created a 2 step approach which eases them into responding
6)  Everything is moving online.

Target Your Ideal Prospect
You can dictate you only want your Ad to appear on Facebook pages that:

  • Are within a certain mile radius of your office  (Ex:  25 mile radius)
  • Between the ages of say, 55 to 64 years of age
  • Homeowners
  • Minimum net worth of $250,000 and above
  • You can keep adding parameters to really zero in

NOTE:  All of these parameters can be changed on the fly until you find your sweet spot.

Breaking New Ground:  Facebook Video Ads
The Facebook Ad Landing Page Package breaks new ground.  Instead of the boring static image on a typical Facebook Ad, Facebook now supports video ads that are much more impactful.  We’ve created a 56 second video that plays straight from within your Facebook Ad.

Below you’ll be able to:

  • Learn all about our Facebook Landing Page
  • See the Facebook Ad
  • Watch the Facebook Ad video
  • View the Facebook Ad Landing Pages
  • See how it incorporates into your existing Social Security OnDemand Seminar.


The Facebook Ad Landing Page Package

Step 1:  Facebook Ad
Unlike the old Facebook Ads of the past that consist of a static image, Facebook has just opened the door to video ads.  This breaks new ground and give the viewer a much more impactful experience.  Below is one of the many Facebook Ads we tested.

FAcebook ad sample for OnDemand Seminars

Step 2:  Facebook Video Ad
We created a Facebook Ad video that focuses on the 44 Social Security Secrets, but also gives them an overview of the 6 minute Social Security OnDemand Seminar video, plus the Social Security Analysis.  (Running Time:  56 sec)

CLICK HERE to view the Facebook Ad Video. 

Facebook video ad for Social Security OnDemand Seminar

Step 3:  Facebook Ad Landing Page

At any time before, during or after the video, they can click on the link embedded into the video to receive the 44 Social Security Secrets FREE Report.  Once they do, it takes them to this special Facebook Ad Landing Page below.

Facebook ad landing page
Step 4:  Opt In Window
Once they click the red button to receive the 44 Social Security Secrets FREE Report, it brings up this Opt In Window.  I like how it shows them at the top of the window that they’re “Almost There”, showing they are 50% complete to receiving their FREE Report.

Facebook ad opt-in window for OnDemand Seminar
Step 5:  Confirm Email Address Page
Once they enter their information on the Opt In window and click the button, it brings up this page to confirm their email address.

FAcebook ad landing page step 2
Step 6: View The 6 Minute OnDemand Seminar
Once they confirm their email address, it takes them right to the 6 minute video from your Social Security OnDemand Seminar, and it automatically populates their contact information into your OnDemand Seminar so they don’t have to enter it twice.

Main page for Social Security OnDemand SeminarA Word From Stephen
After much trial and error, and massive amounts of testing, we’ve finally cracked the code.  I would make Facebook Ads one of the mainstays in my marketing campaign to drive traffic to your OnDemand Seminar.

With the 2-step approach that we have created with our Facebook Ad Landing Page Package, it eases them into responding for just the FREE Report first, then eases then into the video and to request the appointment for a Social Security Analysis.


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