New OnDemand Seminar: Tax Free Retirement

tax free retirement seminar

A Brand New OnDemand Seminar

NOTE:  The first 25 clients to order receive the Tax Free Retirement OnDemand Seminar at 50% off the regular price.  Call 888-741-7055 to reserve your spot.

Most Requested OnDemand Seminar Yet
I’ve had more requests to create the Tax Free Retirement OnDemand Seminar than all other seminars combined.

Probably the best indicator of why I’ve had so many requests is the fact that titles containing “tax free” are popping up everywhere on the personal finance shelves at the bookstore.

Tax Free Retirement has a nice ring to it.  If, like two-thirds of Americans, you are unsure you’ve saved enough for your later years, it’s especially nice to know that Uncle Sam won’t be pinching a slice of your meager pie.

Or maybe you’re an affluent high net worth individual convinced by the tax talk in Washington that the Feds will undo your careful planning by raising taxes by the time you call it quits.  No wonder prospects have taxes on their mind.

Introducing Tax Free Retirement
Now, with our Tax Free Retirement OnDemand Seminar, living a Tax Free Retirement is in the palm of their hands.  This is exactly why I selected the image I did utilizing the hand, to visually illustrate that fact.


tax free retirement seminar poster

NOTE:  If you want to be one of the first 25 to get Tax Free Retirement at 50% off, call me at 888-741-7055.

Special Introductory Offer – First 25 Clients
As I do with all new OnDemand Seminar launches, I create a very Special Offer for the first 25 clients to order.

Special Offer #1 – 50% Discount
The first 25 clients to order will receive the Tax Free Retirement OnDemand Seminar at a 50% discount off the regular purchase price of $8,000.  The first 25 will receive Tax Free Retirement for $4,000.

These 25 slots are being offered First Come, First Served.

Special Offer #2 – Free Landing Page ($1,500 value)
You will also receive a $1,500 landing page FREE that showcases all of the various OnDemand Seminars that you own with the Now Showing movie posters all on the same landing page.  This gives you double, triple, and quadruple the bang for your marketing buck.  When you market one seminar, you’re really marketing all of them.

More and more of our clients are coming back ordering all of the other OnDemand Seminars.

NOTE:  For those clients that already have multiple OnDemand Seminars, we will modify your landing page with the Now Showing movie poster to reflect the addition of your Tax Free Retirement OnDemand Seminar.

Example of Landing Page (All 5 Seminars)

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Virtual Educational Theatre
Let me give you a big picture overview of where I’m headed with the OnDemand Seminar format.  I’m 1,000% convinced this is the future of the business.  Prospects have spoken loud and clear.  This is the way they want to receive information, and the success stories we’re seeing are proving that to be true.  As many of you have heard me say…I’m creating a Virtual Educational Theatre for advisors where clients and prospects can get the education they want, on the topics of interest, anytime they want, on any device they want, anywhere they want, without leaving the comfort of their home or office.

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