5 Reasons To Prospect With Social Security

Plus A Great Question To Ask Every Prospect

Social Security Card

The Opportunity
Drop me in any city in America with zero clients, and I would use Social Security to prospect and build my business. I can’t think of an easier way to get in the door, and while you’re there…you can uncover all of their assets at the same time.

An Excellent Question
Client Wallace Smith has generated over 100 good prospects using radio spots for his Social Security OnDemand Seminar. They’re averaging between $800,000 – $1,500,000 in assets per appointment.   When I spoke with Wally the other day, he shared this question he uses with prospects to help qualify them. It’s a great question.

Expecting Social Security

If they answer YES, you know this isn’t the type of prospect you want as a client. If they say, NO…if Social Security is there, great. If it’s not there, it’s not a big deal…This is the type of prospect that has sizable assets and is the type of prospect you want as a client. I think this is a great question that I would incorporate into every conversation I have with any prospect.

5 Reasons To Prospect With Social Security

First…The moving of the goal posts in the middle of the game has brought about sudden changes in how retirees will plan and choose their Social Security benefits.  These changes have caught many off guard.  They need help and are looking for someone to offer guidance.

Second…For the next 6 months you can have a field day.  For those that qualify to take advantage of File & Suspend or Restricted Application, it means tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of additional dollars in lifetime benefits, but the clock is ticking.  That all goes away May 1, 2016.  SCARCITY is the greatest thing you could ever ask for to get people off the fence.

Third…The media is doing your marketing for you on Social Security with one article after another.  The public awareness has never been higher regarding Social Security, but the public knows just enough to be dangerous.  They have no clue what it all means, but they know they need to do something.

Fourth… The public needs help.  The vast majority of consumers – 77% – say maximizing Social Security benefits is very important, but only 9% consider themselves very knowledgeable about how benefits are determined.  And best of all…only 16% work with a financial advisor.  You couldn’t ask for a better prospecting opportunity.

Fifth…For those that DON’T QUALIFY for File & Suspend or Restricted Application…They have been making plans counting on that additional income through maximizing their Social Security.  That just disappeared, but now more than ever, they need to find ways to offset the loss of additional Social Security benefits they were counting on.  So even after the 6 month window closes, you’ve got tons of seniors that will need the Social Security Analysis so you can look at their entire portfolio to see how you might help them increase their overall income in retirement to make up for the additional income they would have received from these two claiming strategies.

Using Social Security to prospect today is The Path Of Least Resistance to getting in the door and uncovering all of their assets.  We’ve created new marketing collateral including new radio spots, Facebook ads, direct mail pieces and other marketing collateral to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.