Another Amazing Social Security Success Story

An Interview With Chuck Price

Chuck Price

Chuck Price is having his BEST YEAR EVER in 40 years.

He’s using his Social Security OnDemand Seminar to do it.
As Chuck says, “I’m ringing the bell every single day”.

  • 3 – 5 appointments per week
  • Averaging $1.3 million in assets per appointment
  • Smallest appointment was $400,000
  • Largest was $7 million

The day before I interviewed Chuck, he had just picked up another $700,000 in annuities at 8% commission.  $56,000 in 1 day.  Not a bad day.

Quote from Chuck Price

I conducted an amazing interview with Chuck to find out exactly what he is doing.
Chuck also sent me the (2) radio spots he’s using to drive traffic to his OnDemand Seminar.

You can listen below:


Click the Play button to listen to the interview with Chuck.

(NOTE: This 24 minute interview is not just about the success he’s having, but he gets into the process he goes through with someone when they request an appointment as well. Great stuff in this 24 minute interview.)


Click the Play button to listen to the first radio spot.



Click the Play button to listen to the second radio spot.


Read Chuck’s Story Below:

In the words of Chuck Price

Prospecting with Social Security is The Path of Least Resistance to get in the door, and uncover all of their assets.  With the new laws that have changed the game on Social Security, it makes prospecting with Social Security even more compelling.

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