How To Sell A Ton Of Annuities?

It's The Perfect Storm For Annuity Business

The Perfect Storm For Selling Annuities

You couldn’t ask for a more perfect environment to sell annuities.

Just look at the findings of a recent study among baby boomers…

Selling annuities works great

That means 81% of your prospects are skeptical of the stock market and just waiting for your invitation to purchase annuities.

Want To Sell A Ton Of Annuities?
If you want to sell a ton of annuities, here’s how to do it.

First, order our Brand New Guaranteed Income For Life OnDemand Seminar.
It’s all about annuities and your timing couldn’t be better.  

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How to get guaranteed income for life

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A Compelling Case For Annuities

Look at the findings of a study below.  Americans voiced their opinion in what they want in an investment today.  Without even knowing it…They’ve just described an Annuity.  Look at The Top 5 Most Important Features…

Annuities 5 most important benefits

Want To Bring On New Clients?
In the survey above, investors just described the product they want and are willing to buy.  They just need you to inform them that what they’ve said they want in a financial product today can be provided by an ANNUITY.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.  

The problem is many investors today still think of annuities of 20 years ago.  They don’t know that annuities have come such a long way since then and should be looked at as part of anyone’s retirement plan today.

Extreme Volatility Creates The Perfect Storm For Annuities
Today’s market volatility has created the perfect storm for doing annuity business.
If you’re not prospecting with annuities, your competition is, and you’re going to lose clients and miss out on a significant amount of NEW business.  What a great time to bring on NEW clients.

We’re already seeing some huge success stories with the size of annuity tickets being written from our OnDemand Seminars.

It’s time you got your fair share.

More Compelling Reasons For Annuities
Here are a few more reasons you should be doing a ton of annuity business in this environment.

The perfect storm and perfect time for selling annuities

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