How To Build A HUGE Opt-In Email List

How To Build a huge email optin list

Are you struggling with how to capture email addresses from thousands of Baby Boomers… right in your community?

Are you in the dark about how to get them to opt-in, where they actually give you PERMISSION to contact them via email, direct mail and solicit them by phone?

Are you wondering how you can capture email addresses from 90% of your clients, so your email marketing efforts to your bread and butter are 10x more effective…and profitable?

If so, know this… You’re not alone.

Everybody Wants To Know…

The single most frequently asked question I receive from OnDemand Seminar clients is this…

How can I build an email list

They all want to know how they can build a huge email list to use in conjunction with their OnDemand Seminars.

Why?  Because once you have that list, then you can use it to invite people to view your OnDemand Seminars.  And since it’s via email, there is no additional marketing cost to send thousands of emails out.

If that’s something you would like to make a reality.
Then…GOOD NEWS…Your worries are over.

Don’t Feel Bad…You’re Not Alone

Tens of thousands of your peers struggle with how to build an email list without breaking the bank to do it.

The problem is this…

Without a great list, you have fewer prospects, not enough qualified appointments, lost sales and experience a huge drain on your production.

Fortunately…there is an answer…

How To Build A HUGE Opt-In Email List Video

You’ll receive an email on Tuesday, May 24th.  In that email you’ll have a link to watch a brief video to learn exactly how to do it, and then you can go to the demo website so you can experience it and see it in action firsthand.

how to build a huge email list

It’s an absolute perfect fit for those that are using our OnDemand Seminars.

It’s called…

How To Build A HUGE Opt-In Email List

I’m talking about a program that not only captures their email address, but I’ll show you how to capture their complete contact information as well, including name, address, phone, email address and the year they were born.

The Best Online Marketing Experts All Agree

Money doesn’t grow on trees.  It grows in your list.

Ask any online marketing expert and 100% of them will agree.  It’s one of the most important proverbs of online marketing…

The money is in your email optin list

And best of all…With this new program…You own the list….

It Starts With Prospects…

You’ll learn how to build a list of totally cold prospects…Baby Boomers over the age of 50 in your community that have opted in to receive YOUR emails, YOUR phone calls and YOUR direct mail pieces.

Permission Marketing at its best…

And it gets even better.

Since they’ve opted in and have given YOU PERMISSION, you can contact them as often as you’d like…

And it’s not SPAM.

With Clients…

Most advisors that I speak with…When I ask them how many clients (households) they work with?…They might say 500.  

When I ask them how many they have email addresses on…The number might be 30 at best.  They’re leaving a fortune in lost revenue on the table by not having this valuable information.

I’m going to show you how to get it.

A Question To Ponder

What would it mean to your business if you could have email addresses for close to 90% of your clients, and they’ve opted in to receive your marketing, so with the touch of one button, you can stay in touch, nurture and sell and all without additional marketing expense?

On Tuesday, May 24th, I’ll show you that as well.

The formula for success in marketing your OnDemand Seminar online is pretty simple…

Grow your email list - grow your business

What could it mean to your business, assets, and revenue if you built an Opt-In Email List of several thousands prospects receptive to receiving your solicitations?

That’s why I’m so excited to share this with you.

I’ve spent a good part of this blog post telling you what this is…

Let me tell you what this is NOT

This Is Not About “Renting” An Email List

Some of you might have tried “renting” an email list in the past.  That’s a huge money suck.  It’s a waste of money and it doesn’t work.

Sure the companies that rent these lists tell you the list they want to rent to you all opted in to receive emails, but here is what they WON’T tell you.

They Won’t Tell You…YES, they opted in…

1)  But it was years ago and they don’t even remember.

2)  But they didn’t opt-in to receive YOUR email.

3)  But they didn’t give YOU permission to email them.

This is why the response from “renting” email lists is in the toilet.  

I just spoke to an advisor who “rented” a list.  They did a blast email of 50,000 emails to this RED HOT “Opt-In Rented List”.  It was $1,750 for a 1 time blast email to all 50,000 people.  

He received 2 responses.  One was from a woman who lost her husband 10 years earlier.  The other was a bogus email address… Are you ready?…Wait for it… Yep, they responded with an email address of

There’s Got To Be A Better Way

And there is.  And I’m beyond excited to show it to you.  You will see the massive potential this holds and the possibilities are endless.

OnDemand Seminar + Huge Email List

What you’ll learn on Tuesday, May 24th, is the absolute perfect fit to enhance dramatically the number of views, downloads of FREE Bonus Gifts and requests for appointments from your OnDemand Seminars…regardless of which OnDemand Seminars you own.

This Works Regardless Of The Products You Sell

In fact, you don’t need our OnDemand Seminar or even our New Shock & Awe Marketing System to make this work.

This program works no matter what form of prospecting you do, what products you sell, or who you sell them to.

Plus, it works equally well for the brand new rookie as it does for the 40 year seasoned veteran.  You don’t need experience, designations or gray hair to make this work.

What I Love Most About This Program

Aside from what I’ve already mentioned about the many benefits this program offers you and your business, here is what I like best about it.

This program is all about the Client.  It’s Client Centric.  And at the same time you’re building a HUGE opt-in email list for YOU… The Ultimate Win-Win

Provide A Meaningful Community Service

You’re also building your reputation and visibility in your community by giving back and providing an outstanding meaningful service in the community in which you work and live. 

Bottom Line…This New Program has you showing up in a way no one else does.

When Visibility Trumps Ability

Let’s start with one of those sometimes not so pretty entrepreneurial truths…

visibility quote

In this case, you’ll understand why there is much truth to the above statement, when you get to view the brief video next week.  It’s all about getting eye-balls on your marketing.  Just like doing seminars the old way was about “butts in chairs”, the new way is getting “eyeballs to view”.

The Day…Tuesday May 24th

I really think you’re going to love what you see on Tuesday, and I think you’ll agree this is the perfect fit regardless of whether you want to drive them to OnDemand Seminars, live seminars, request a FREE Report and anything other form of marketing.

I created this so it doesn’t matter what your product mix is or how you’ve generated leads in the past.

You can use the How To Build A HUGE Opt-In Email List Program in conjunction with any type of marketing you presently do, and it will enhance it dramatically.  Remember, The Money Is In The List.

OK..OK..It Sounds Cool, But What Does It Cost?

Since many of you are probably wondering that very thing right about now…

I’ll leave the details to Tuesday, but I will share this…

Lowest priced program

This is the lowest priced program I’ve ever offered in over 20 years…I wanted to make it affordable for everyone…the newbie to the 40 year seasoned veteran.  I think you’ll see the value when you view the video and see the marketing plan and marketing collateral that comes with it.

Who Is This Program For?

  • The How To Build A HUGE Opt-In Email List Program is for anyone that believes the old traditional ways of marketing don’t work nearly as well as they once did.
  • It’s for anyone that wants to build a massive opt-in email list of prospects that have given you PERMISSION to market to them.
  • It’s for anyone that wants to start marketing to existing clients in ways you’ve never done before, and staying in touch and nurturing clients in ways you couldn’t afford to do before.
  • It’s for anyone that wants to reduce their cost of lead acquisition and put thousands and thousands of marketing dollars back in their pocket.
  • And finally…It’s for anyone that feels an obligation to give back to the community and its residents they serve that provide you with such a wonderful opportunity to make such a great living.

On a personal note…I’ve always believed that with much…comes much responsibility…and that responsibility is to give back.  This program is a really cool way to do just that.

Look for an email on Tuesday, May 24th so you can view this brief video.

Have an amazing weekend…

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