New Radio Spot

One of our OnDemand Seminar clients recently shared an unbelievable story…

Imagine if you could generate more leads than you knew what to do with?

“We generated 297 leads with our radio campaign…in just 9 days”

This kind of success is unheard of (with any medium).

But what’s even more impressive is that it was just $19.19 per lead.

When I spoke to our client, I had to know how he did it.

He worked with a radio industry veteran to help him save a fortune on buying the radio advertising and he also wrote the radio commercial scripts for our client as well.

The first spots were written for our Social Security OnDemand Seminar.

NOTE:  These spots were written for our Brand New Updated Social Security OnDemand Seminar we just released earlier this week.

I’ve watched this guy work with a few of our clients now and he’s very good.

He’s spent 30 years managing and owning radio stations…

He knows the radio business from the inside out.

And he knows how to buy radio advertising for pennies on the dollar.

He also wrote and produced the commercials, which was a critical component in the campaign’s overwhelming success.

I decided to reach out to this gentlemen to learn more.  As it turns out, he has a significant track record of generating leads for many financial advisors in markets of all sizes.

The problem is he typically charges clients $2,500 a month just to manage a 30 day campaign, but this doesn’t even include the cost to write the commercials nor does it include the cost of paying the radio station for running the spots either.

After several conversations with him and a little arm twisting, he finally agreed to create a special program just for our OnDemand Seminar clients, and get rid of the $2,500 monthly management fee.

And here’s what he’s agreed to do…

  • Share his 30+ years of radio industry secrets on how to buy radio spots for pennies on the dollar in an exclusive video created just for our OnDemand Seminar clients.
  • He has also written an accompanying radio negotiation workbook to help guide you through this process to buy the right station, at the right price, saving a small fortune in advertising costs.
  • And provide (3) 60 second commercial scripts that are proven to generate leads.

You receive all of this for a one time payment of just $997.  That’s it.

Right now, we’re only making this Special Offer for our Social Security OnDemand Seminar…

But shortly, we will be releasing the same program with radio spots for each of the 6 OnDemand Seminar platforms.

Next up is Retirement Income Planning.

NOTE:  If you would like to purchase the radio spots for Retirement Income Planning, we’re accepting orders for this program as well.

Now, he normally charges $2,500 per month just to manage a 30 day campaign, but

I’ve convinced him to offer this program to our OnDemand Seminar clients for just $997.

That’s right.  One time $997 with no ongoing $2,500 management fee.

You’ll have access TODAY to the following:

  • Video: How To Buy Radio Time And Save A Fortune
  • Accompanying workbook
  • (3) 60 second radio commercial scripts

And you’ll have access to the video and (3) 60 second commercials for the next 12 months.

What you’ll learn just in the video alone could save you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

The money you’ll save will more than pay for this program several times over.

Again, the Special Offer at $997 is only for our OnDemand Seminar clients.

As a bonus, the first 50 subscribers will be invited to an exclusive series of lead generation webinars personally performed by this gentleman where he will answer your questions about how to buy radio; produce your commercials, lead conversion; or anything else related to getting your campaign off the ground and generating leads for your OnDemand Seminar.

To register for this turnkey platform, Call 888-741-7055.

Here’s to making the 2nd half of the year a great success.

Best Wishes,

Stephen W. Anderson

President & CEO

The Creative Juice


P.S. – What you’ll learn in this video alone will save you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.  In other words, you’ll pay for your $997 program many times over just in the cost savings alone.