A New Social Security Direct Mail Postcard

For Those Turning 66 On Or Before April 30, 2016

File and suspend is on its way out soon

NOTE:  You can download the Price List at the very bottom of this blog post. As you know, one of the popular strategies for claiming Social Security…File & Suspend disappears forever on May 1, 2016. Anyone turning 66 on or before April 30, 2016 can still be grandfathered in and receive as much as $60,000 […]

New Social Security Radio Spot

Newly Revised :60 Second Radio Spot

Social Security Administration

New :60 Second Radio Spot The changes to Social Security present one of the greatest prospecting opportunities you’ve seen in years, but the clock is ticking. Radio spots have been an incredibly successful way to drive traffic to your Social Security OnDemand Seminar. Radio spots have produced more and bigger success stories than any other […]

The New Multimedia Business Card

The 4th Generation Business Card

ultimate financial service multimedia business card

The New Multimedia Business Card Today we launch the 4th generation of our Multimedia Business Card. Over the last 30 years we have created our business card for over 27,000 of your peers including: Financial Advisors Financial Planners Registered Investment Advisors Insurance Agents Estate Planners CPA’s The Evolution Of Technology It’s been quite a journey […]

Now Available: Facebook Ad Landing Pages

Facebook ads for OnDemand Seminars

Success With Facebook Ads I think we’ve cracked the code in using Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your OnDemand Seminars.  The latest statistic shows that 56% of affluent households are spending more and more time online gathering information about their finances.  If they’re spending more and more time online that sheds light on some […]

Google Adwords For The OnDemand Seminar

Google AdWords for the OnDemand Seminar

Google AdWords:  A Great Way To Drive Traffic Google AdWords has been an excellent way to drive traffic to your OnDemand Seminar… And has been generating some excellent success stories.  CLICK HERE to see the latest ones. The Problem If you don’t know what you’re doing with Google AdWords, you’ll waste a lot of money. […]

An Email Signature For Your OnDemand Seminar

Email signatures

How To Craft An Effective Email Signature I’m a big believer that marketing your OnDemand Seminar should be a multi-pronged approach. I would rather have many irons in the fire than put all my eggs in one basket and watch the basket. Create Your Email Signature Upon taking delivery of your OnDemand Seminar, one of […]

Newspaper Article: The State of Retirement Readiness

Retirement Readiness

We have provided an article for you to submit to the business editor(s) of your local newspapers or magazines. I’ve also provided a script of what to say when you speak with the business editor as well. You can download both. Since such a large percentage of the readers of your local newspaper are over […]