Direct Mail Postcards

Customized prospecting for your potential clients

Direct Mail Postcards for OnDemand Seminars

The Direct Mail Postcards are a great way to drive traffic to your OnDemand Seminar. Not only are they attractive but they also come with their very own detailed leads list.

The Direct Mail Postcards are customized to direct potential clients to your very own OnDemand Seminar Presentation(s).

How Do I Use Them?

There are 2 ways to send these Direct Mail Postcards out. You have the option of sending them out Regular Mail or EDDM with the leads list that is included in your purchase price.

What’s EDDM you ask?

It stands for Every Door Direct Mail. CLICK HERE to learn all about it!

Two Choices

We have created two Direct Mail Postcards for each of the OnDemand Seminars. One displays the Free Kit and the other displays the Free eBook(s) that are featured in your OnDemand Seminar Presentation.

1) Free Kit

2) Free eBook(s)

Take A Look At The Front & Back Side Of All Postcards

Direct Mail Postcards Samples

NOTE: Once we receive an order form, it is than processed and submitted to a Project Manger to create a custom proof with the client’s domain and telephone number. The proof is than emailed to the client within 3-5 business days from date of purchase. The client is to review and approve the proof. Approvals must be submitting in writing. Once the proof approval is received, we proceed with the production/printing of the order.

Download The Direct Mail Postcard Price Lists Here

CLICK HERE to download Retirement Readiness Direct Mail Postcards Price List

CLICK HERE to download Social Security Direct Mail Postcards Price List

CLICK HERE to download Women & Wealth Direct Mail Postcards Price List

CLICK HERE to download Estate Planning Direct Mail Postcards Price List

CLICK HERE to download Tax Free Retirement Direct Mail Postcards Price List

CLICK HERE to download Guaranteed Income For Life Direct Mail Postcards Price List

NOTE: When you purchase Direct Mail Postcards, the price includes a list provided on an excel spreadsheet to match the quantity of mailers you order. The list is already scrubbed with the Do Not Call List. The list is made up of those in the zip codes of your choosing that are 50 – 72 years of age, $500k and above of investable assets exclusive of their home, and $100k or more in income.

Your list will contain the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Full Address
  • Phone (some lists may vary)
  • Birth Month
  • Birth Year

My Last Piece of Advice

Make A Commitment To Market & Brand Your Business in multiple facets. Take a look at the other marketing materials we have created to coordinate with your OnDemand Seminar Presentation(s).