The New Foldover Business Cards

For All OnDemand Seminars

New foldover business cards

Turn Your Business Card Into A Marketing Tool

I’m a big believer that marketing your OnDemand Seminar should be a multi-pronged approach, and your business card should be one of those prongs.

Each of you has a business card, but it’s not working nearly as hard as it could…or should. If done property, your business card should be a marketing tool, capable of generating business, and especially driving traffic to your OnDemand Seminar.

Our Foldover Business Cards are designed to drive traffic to your OnDemand Seminar, where they will be able to do the following:

  • Learn About You & The Services You Provide
  • Take A Quiz
  • Refer A Friend
  • Request an appointment
  • Download FREE Bonus Gifts
  • View Interesting Facts, Figures, & Statistics

Make your bsuiness card a lead generating tool

The Purpose Of A Business Card

You pass out business cards all day long and never really think about the reason you’re passing them out.  If you understand the purpose of a business card is to provide information, then let’s up the ante and provide a completely different set of information that could end up generating business instead of just giving them the basic, name, rank and serial number found on the typical business card today.

What Does The Foldover Business Card Look Like?

Front Of Business Card

Here is an example of our Social Security Foldover Business Card.  The front of the business card displays your picture, logo and contact information.

Front of new foldover business card

Back Of Business Card

On the back of your business card will be your custom QR Code that is linked to your OnDemand Seminar for instant access, along with the FREE Bonus Gift PDF they can download along with the domain name of your site.

Back of new foldover business card

Inside Of Business Card

On the inside of your business card will be an image of the FREE Kit along with your telephone number and the web address of your OnDemand Seminar.

Inside of new foldover business card

 The QR Code

QR stands for Quick Response. The QR Code is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares. In this case, your QR Code will store the web address of your OnDemand Seminar. A QR reader app is required to scan a QR Code. Your prospects or clients simply open their QR Reader app on their smartphone or tablet, scan the QR Code like they are taking a picture of it. The QR Code, once scanned, automatically opens up their web browser and takes them to your OnDemend Seminar without having to type in your web address.

QR Code sample for your new foldover business cards

Foldover Business Cards For Each OnDemand Seminar

We have created Foldover Business Cards for each of the OnDemand Seminars available.  Below are examples of the Foldover Business Cards for all of our OnDemand Seminars.



Two Sizes To Choose From

Two Sizes of foldover business cards

Standard Size:
This is the size of a regular business card. (4” x 3/5” Die – Folds to 2” x 3.5”)

Tent Card Size:
This business card is much larger…It’s the size of a typical greeting card. (8” x 6” Die – Folds to 4” x 6”)

When you see how little the difference in price is between the Standard versus the Tent Card, I would go with the Tent Card. I like the Tent Card best as it’s big enough to really make a statement. When you open the Tent Card up, it’s 6 x 8 inches, which is a lot of real estate to advertise your seminars.

Custom Foldover Business Cards

We also create Custom Foldover Business Cards…

For those that have multiple OnDemand Seminars, we have the ability to create custom Foldover Business Cards to reflect all of the OnDemand Seminars that you own, along with the web address of your landing page.

We can create the Custom Foldover Business Card for anywhere from 2 to 6 OnDemand Seminars all on the same business card.

Front & Back Of Custom Business Card
Custom front and back of the new foldover business cards

Inside of Custom Business Card

Inside of the custom foldover business cards

Price List

We’ve assembled the prices and quantities for both sizes of the Foldover Business Cards.  

Price List for new foldover business cards

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the Foldover Business Card Price List.

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