JPEG’s For Website & Online Publications

JPEG's for your OnDemand Seminar Website and online publications

JPEG’s For Your Website

The first thing you should do with your OnDemand Seminar(s) is publicize it on your existing website(s) and/or various online publications by adding these JPEGs (images) to your website. This will allow anyone visiting your website to have instant access to your OnDemand Seminar(s) by simply clicking on the JPEG’s

NOTE: For those who are not computer literate. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. You hear people talk about JPEG’s. A JPEG is simply an image. A JPEG is a lossy compression technique for color images.

Three JPEG’s Per Seminar

We provide (3) different JPEG images in a variety of sizes for each OnDemand Seminar.

3 JPEGs for OnDemand Seminar

Each OnDemand Seminar has JPEG’s for the following:

  • NOW SHOWING Movie Poster (Video)
  • The FREE Kit   (Video, analysis, & eBook)
  • The FREE eBook(s) (Bonus gift)

Multiple Seminars

Let’s assume I owned 3 OnDemand Seminars. If I owned multiple OnDemand Seminars, I might have a page on my website where I have all 3 of the Now Showing Movie Posters such as the image below. The point is to have as many images on as many pages on your website as possible.

Multiple Seminars jpeg's

Multiple Shapes & Sizes

We provide the following JPEG sizes (In pixels)

  • 160 x 600
  • 240 x 280
  • 240 x 400
  • 300 x 250
  • 300 x 600
  • 336 x 280
  • 500 x 350

JPEG Banner Sizes

  • 720 x 200
  • 728 x 90
  • 1344 x 268

Here is an example of what all of those JPEG’s look like. As you can see, some are vertical, others are horizontal with all kinds of different shapes and sizes. We have provided you with the most popular shapes and sizes.

JPEG Collage for OnDemand Seminars

Where Should I Put My JPEG’s?

We recommend you put the JPEGS on multiple pages throughout your website(s). It is important to consult with your IT Professional at this time. If you do not have an IT Professional, you can locate one in your area. Typically the person or company who built your website can easily place the JPEG’s for your OnDemand Seminar on your existing website. Below we have provided some examples on where to place the JPEGS.

How Do I Get The JPEG’s On My Website(s)

Placing the OnDemand Seminar JPEG’s on your website(s) or any other online publication(s) will require your IT Professional to link the JPEG image(s) you’ve selected to your OnDemand Seminar presentation by providing them with the domain name of the site we built for you.

Contact Your IT Professional

Once you contact your IT Professional or the company that built your existing website, just follow these steps below.

  1. Select the JPEGs you would like to use.
  2. Decide where (on your sites) you would like to place the JPEGs.
  3. Contact your IT Professional. (See below)

NOTE: You’ll want to provide your IT Professional or the company that built your website with the JPEG(s) you would like to use, and the web address of your OnDemand Seminar to link them to, along with the location on your existing website of where you would like the JPEG’s placed.

My Advice

If you can, I would have as many JPEG’s as you can on as many different pages on your website as you can. Even though all three JPEG’s take them to the same place, it still gives people different ways to respond.

Now anyone visiting your existing website(s) can click on the JPEG’s and have instant access to your OnDemand Seminar presentation(s) with just a click of a button. Once on your OnDemand Seminar, they can do the following:

  • View Your OnDemand Seminar(s)
  • Download The FREE Kit
  • Download The FREE eBook(s)
  • Refer a Friend
  • Take a Quiz
  • View The 60 Interesting Facts (rotating images)

Download Seminar JPEG’s

Download your OnDemand Seminar JPEGs

To download your OnDemand Seminar JPEGs, simply click on the appropriate links below.

Retirement Income Planning

CLICK HERE to download JPEG’s. (U.S. Version)

CLICK HERE to download JPEG’s. (Compliance Version)

CLICK HERE to download JPEG’s. (Canadian Version)

NOTE: There are 3 versions of JPEG’s for Retirement Planning as the images use currency. The other seminars all share the same JPEG’s regardless of whether Canadian or US Versions.

Social Security

CLICK HERE to download JPEG’s.

Women & Wealth

CLICK HERE to download JPEG’s.

Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

CLICK HERE to download JPEG’s

Tax-Free Retirement

CLICK HERE to download JPEG’s.

Guaranteed Income For Life

CLICK HERE to download JPEG’s