Learn About EDDM


Every Door Direct Mail Tutorial (EDDM)


You’re about to learn all about the United States Post Office’s Every Door Direct Mail program or EDDM for short. To help with your education, we’ve provided two PDF files to download that are found on the U.S. Post Office’s website. You can download the EDDM User Guide and the Every Door Direct Mail Quick Reference PDF files here.


I’ve provided a video tutorial below on using the EDDM program. It includes all the new features they just rolled out on their brand new EDDM website. It has some significant upgrades, and these new features allow you to define your niche market even more, which should help increase your response rate. In addition to selecting which carrier routes you want to include in your mailing, you can now do the following:

1) Select Age Range

You can specify an age range (low and high end) and you’ll know what percent of that carrier route falls within that age category. Let’s assume you set your age range from 55 to 74 years of age. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what percentage of the homes in a particular carrier route fall into that category? This will help increase your response rate dramatically. Let’s assume you were thinking of mailing to a particular carrier route, but then you find out only 17% of the 689 homes in that carrier route fall between the ages of 55 and 74. You would probably be better off finding another carrier route where you’re approaching 50% or more falling into the age range you’ve specified.


2) Household Income

It also tells you the average household income for each carrier route selected. This is important because you’ll generally know more about your prospect, which will help you make better choices about where to mail. For example, let’s assume the carrier route you’re considering has an average household income of just over $105,000, but only 16% of the homes fall in the 55 to 74 range. That would tell me that they are younger, more affluent, and still in the accumulation stage of retirement planning. As a general rule, the greater the percentage of homes in the 55 to 74 age range, the lower the income as most retired people don’t have large incomes, but they have large assets.They’ve stopped working and they are no longer in the accumulation phase but have transitioned to the spending phase.

The Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program is an amazing way to drive traffic to your OnDemand Seminar. We will do all the printing for you and with the volume we do, we get prices you couldn’t touch. We also print the special EDDM indicia and wording that is require to quality for EDDM rates. As you know, I’m a big believer that if is’t worth doing…it’s worth doing first class. Every mail piece we print is 14 pt. card stock, full color front and back, glossy and it has a UV coating as well. When you hold these mail pieces in your hands they scream quality.

We have a few different EDDM eligible mail pieces for you to choose from. We have an 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch mail piece with two versions. One version offers the 12 Key Questions workbook, and the other invites them to view your OnDemand Seminar. We also have the incredible $100 Bill Mailer. You can download the $100 Bill Mailer Price List, but I would also encourage you to click on Th $100 Bill Mailer  image on the right hand side of this page to learn much more about it and read comments from some of your peers that have received it.

With postage at just .16 cents each, the EDDM program is certainly affordable. The EDDM program allows you to cherry pick the most affluent neighborhoods in your community without having to know their names or addresses. In addition, you can send a massive direct mail piece and save a small fortune on normal first class mail rates. To qualify for EDDM, I’ve provided the following guidelines…

Acceptable Dimensions of A Flat

Rectangular with four square corners or finished corners that do not exceed a radius of .125”.  (For the US Postal Service, a square is considered a rectangle)  Must be one of the following:  More than 10.5” in length OR 6.125” in height OR .25” thick.

Cannot be more than 15” long, 12” high, and .75” thick.

Note:  To be considered a flat, a tailpiece must exceed only one of the dimension minimums but be within all flat maximums; otherwise, it is a parcel.  Minimum thickness is .007” (about three sheet of paper) and a minimum height is 3.5”.

Maximum Weight of A Flat At Retail

3.3 oz. maximum weight when submitted at a local Post Office.

Bundling at The Post Office

When you submit Every Door Direct Mail, your pieces must be bundled with a facing slip.  Recommended bundle size is 50 to 100 pieces.  You must include the piece-count per bundle.  Example:  A 1,000 piece mailing could have 10 bundles of 100 each.  (I have found this varies from post office to post office.  Some like your EDDM mailings bundled in 50’s, some 100’s, and some 200’s.  I would suggest you visit your local Postmaster to see how they would prefer your EDDM mailing)

For example…Let’s take the $100 Dollar Bill Mailer. It measures 6.25 inches x 15 inches. When you open it up, it’s 12.5 inches x 15 inches. If you were to send the $100 Bill Mailer through the US Post Office via first class mail, it would cost you $1.12 each. I can send that same massive direct mail piece through the EDDM program for just .16 cents each.

I mentioned earlier that you don’t have to know the names and addresses of those in the carrier routes you’ve chosen. This is huge because if you had to carve out a bunch of white space on the front of the $100 Bill Mailer to make room for a label, bar code and stamp, you would destroy the beauty of the mail piece and it wouldn’t make sense to send it.

Video Tutorial on EDDM

I’ve provided a video tutorial below to walk you through the entire EDDM Program so you’ll know how to maximize the benefits you’ll derive from EDDM.  I especially navigate you through the new EDDM website just released and show you how to select your age range and household income to help you narrow down your ideal niche market even further.NOTE:  As you view this video below, be sure to expand it so it plays full screen on your computer so you can see everything in greater details.  For those that are technology challenged and aren’t sure how to do this.  Simply move your mouse into the bottom of the video window to see the play and pause button.  Then, move your mouse all the way to the far right and you’ll see four arrows pointing towards the four corners of your computer screen.  Simply click on that button and it will play the video in full screen.Running Time: 21 minutes.