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Before you start any kind of cold prospecting, I would highly encourage you to go through this 4 part Quick Start Guide.  If you will follow what I have laid out in each of the 4 parts, you should have already recouped your entire investment back long before you ever start cold prospecting.

I’m a big believer that before you start spending any money on cold prospecting, let’s make sure we exhaust every possibility that’s already right under our nose.

The 4 part Quick Start Guide consists of:

 Part 1:  Getting Started With Existing Clients

Part 2:  Getting Started With Existing Prospects

Part 3:  Getting Started With Centers of Influence

Part 4:  Getting Started With Acquaintances

Listen to the brief audio below and I’ll give you an overview of what we’re trying to accomplish with the 4 Part Quick Start Guide.


1. Getting Started With Existing Clients

 Getting Started With Existing Clients

In this OnDemand Seminar Quick Start Guide, we’ll focus on getting started with your existing clients. To me, it makes more sense to exhaust every single possibility with your existing clients and existing prospects already in your database before you go out and spend a bunch of money on totally cold prospecting. Continue Reading . . .


2. Getting Started With Existing Prospects

Existing Prospect Gold

We’re going to talk about Getting Started With Your OnDemand Seminar With Existing Prospects. We’re not talking about cold prospecting here. Nope…The Driving Traffic presentation on the website will give you plenty of ideas for cold prospecting. (Go to www.ondemandseminarsystem.com to view the Driving Traffic presentation)    Continue Reading . . .


3. Getting Started With Centers of Influence – Coming Soon


4. Getting Started With Acquaintances – Coming Soon

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