New Multimedia Business Card


We started in 1985 with the Audio Business Card. In 1994, we transitioned to Audio CD’s. In 2,001 technology evolved to an interactive multimedia CD ROM. To date, we’ve created our Multimedia Business Card for over 27,000 business owners, entrepreneurs, salespeople and those offering professional services, generating well over $100 million dollars in revenue.


There’s a reason our clients keep reordering again and again. It’s simple. What we do works!

Today, you must have something tangible to put in a prospects hand that makes you different. Why? Because people buy differences, not similarities.  Since the early 80’s, we’ve been creating stunning packages that give you a competitive edge like nothing you’ve ever seen.  You can see below the progress as technology has evolved.


In January 2014, we’re introducing The Brand New & Vastly Improved Multimedia Business Card. The CD ROM is gone. Technology has past it by. We’ve developed a brand new package that can best be described as a piece of art. It’s the size of an iPad. It’s 9.7″ x 7.5″ and just 3/8″ of an inch thick.


Inside is printwork with your picture, contact information, and a little about you. They’re driven to a website we create for you, customized with an interactive multimedia presentation where we get to tell your story, address your unique strengths, and tell your story to the specific niche markets you want to get. From that website, they can request an appointment or refer you on to others.


Look for it in January 2014.

The Next Big Thing In Personal Marketing Is Here!

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